American GPT (Get Paid To) site. Users perform different tasks, take part in polls, watch videos, listen to the radio and get money for that.

Purpose: to increase income and brand awareness.

Tools: Implementation of innovations into the website, addition of new ways of monetization, CPA, CPS, CPC, APL Advertising, SEO, SMO: Facebook, Twitter.

Budget: Unlimited. Average expenditure per month – $10,000.

Results: It’s difficult to mention everything, as we’ve been cooperating for over 3 years. Here are some of our successes:

Facebook: view online

We fully developed and promoted a group: design, marketing plan, promotion etc. We brought 15,000+ users (without cheating! Real people), increased brand awareness, tightened relations of a company with clients and fueled confidence.

Facebook ads

We created groups of ads and landing pages for different audiences to reach the best results.

We found that our consumers are 35+ age. That’s why we’re working now on optimizing landing pages and traffic for this audience to reach CPL – $2.50.

Twitter: view online

Same operations, just for Twitter.

We increased income from Cj broker

Constant placing and rotation of CPA offers made it possible to increase income several times.

СPA networks

Working with over a hundred of various CPA networks (CJ Adperio, IronTraffic etc.), we have attracted 27,173 new users for 9 months.

Monetization with Adsense

We integrated Adsense. We detected the most beneficial ad units. high CTR and the highest cost per click. Thus we reached the income of 350 USD per day.

Gift card development

Innovation was the following: when you register UniqueRewards.com gives you $5. The site also has a referral system, i.e. users can earn by bringing friends. In order to create a buzz about a referral program and increase a flow of new users we started giving $5 as a gift card that can be sent to friends.

A program for students: view online

We developed a special program, that increased a young audience activity by 10%.
Results: after all the work we had done we increased the number of users from 150,000+ to 300,000+, implemented new ways of earning and got an invaluable experience and a lot of fun :)
I express gratitude to you guys for your hard work. Thanks to you our company got one step higher. Thank you and good luck!