Foreign CPA broker.

Purpose: to attract publishers, to increase income up to 30,000 USD per month.

Tools: mailshots, partner sites, such as: offervault.com, theme-based forums.

Budget: $2500 per month.

Results: We attracted 1,163 clients and increased the income up to $27,000 per month.

We attracted publishers

We attracted publishers. We placed offers at the offervault.com + ordered mailshots of our offers to publishers. This brought us 1163 new publishers within first two weeks. A good result!

The problem was that registered publishers sent a lot of cheaters and we had to develop additional statistics tools to switch off bad sources of traffic.

We increased the income from 0 to $27 173 per month

The income level increased almost immediately, within two months.
Results: We attracted 1,163 publishers and increased the company income from 0 to 27,000 USD per month.
Thank you guys for your help and understanding. It was obvious from the beginning that you were professionals in the sphere of Internet advertising