Real Estate Agency in Dubai

Purpose: create a new corporate website and cover all online marketing needs to generate 300+ leads in a month.

Tools: Google Adwords, Y.Direct, SMM, Facebook Ads and Vkontakte, Instagram, YouTube, PR, SEO

Budget: $5 000 per month

Results: we created a new beautiful website with conversion 7% + started getting 500+ leads monthly.

The process

1. The client came to us with old landing pages and websites that didn’t bring any results for the client. That’s why he decided to give us a chance to correct situation and make everything possible to generate leads.

2. We started our activity with changing titles and texts at platforms where client promotes his apartments (propertyfinder, dubizzle).

We managed to increase CTR by 30-40% and conversion rate by 3%.

3. Developed step-by-step marketing plan for 5 months to provide client with 300+ daily leads with CPL $5

4. According to the plan we created a new website in luxury and cozy colours so that a website could convey feelings of warmth and confidence.

5. Within first month we set up campaigns in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, Facebook, Instagram and SMM activity.

On the second month we managed to reach our goal: flow of 300+ leads in a month. Within all next months we reached 500+ leads in a month.


We spent much time to test the old client’s landing pages and websites as the client wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t bring clients and he had to spend extra money for a new website.
Results: Generated 500+ leads in a month. Increased CTR by 30-40%, conversion rate by 3-4%. CPL from social media $1, Adwords and Direct $3.1.
Video review here.