Specialists from Kazan, creating awesome turnkey landing pages, starting from 120,000 RUB.

Purpose: to get 5-7 leads per day with the CPL being 200 – 300 RUB.

Tools: Yandex.Direct contextual advertising

Budget: 1,000 USD per month

Results: CPL – 200 – 300 RUB, 2-4 leads per day.

Yandex.Direct – search

1. We uploaded 195 hot keywords.

2. We regularly removed the keywords, that were beyond the necessary CPL.

3. In this case we worked not for a high CTR, but for choosing key words, that help get leads.

4. Daily bid increase/decrease.

Yandex.Direct — work in Yandex Advertising Network

1. We uploaded 212 keywords.

2. The same monitoring and optimization as with Search.
Results: we succeeded in getting a desired CPL - 200 - 300 RUB, but didn't have enough time to get the desired number, as the client decided to continue working on his own.
Thank you for a rapid landing page development and testing of our product among the target audience. Good luck!