Rental services in Dubai

Purpose: create online catalogue with apartments. The website must be opmitimised to convert leads + we have to set up campaigns to bring leads.

Tools: Google Adwords, Y.Direct, SMM, Facebook Ads and Vkontakte, Instagram, YouTube, PR, SEO

Budget: $5 000 per month

Results: we created a new beautiful website with conversion 12% + started getting 4000+ leads monthly.

The process

1. We started the project from creating a mockup of the future website On this step we discussed and approved all features and functionality.

2. Design and technical implementation went smoothly. The design was approved quickly, we only had to make some minor changes. The only challange that we met was the client’s CRM system. We had to synchronise all data. The client’s CRM had a lot of buggs and glithes, that’s why our developers had to spend extra time.

3. Completed QA and uploaded the website to the client’s server.

4. Launched campaigns in Google Adwrods and Y.Direct.

5. The first month appeared to be promising. We managed to get 300 leads. However, we got feedback from the client, some leads were of poor quality: the price for apartment was very high for them or our client didn’t have apartments in the requested areas.

6. Withing the second month we started optimising keywords and changing ads. We removed too incentive phrases and added prices in the ads. Finally, we managed to increase quality of the leads by 30%.

7. Launched SMM campiagns. We started shooting video tours for apartments, creating unique and catching content for Instagram and other social medias. Finally, we managed to get over 1 000 000 views on YouTube just within 3 months and the client started getting extra 3-5 leads daily from social medias.

8. To sum up, we managed to start getting 4000+ leads monthly. Within one year the client increased company’s turnover in two times. We’re pleased to realise that we made our contribution in the growth!


It was quite difficult to find sources of bad leads as behaviour of users with high and low customer check is similar: they use the same keywords and click on the same ads. That’s why we had to monitor every keyword and ad to reveal and remove bad sources of traffic.
Results: Created a beautiful website with conversion 12% and started getting 4000+ leads monthly.
Video review here.