Logistics company. Cargo delivery throughout the world.

Purpose: to increase the number of leads from 1-2 per week up to 2 – 5 leads per day.

Tools: Yandex.Direct contextual advertising, Adwords. Landing page redesign.

Budget: 30,000 RUB per month.

Results: we redesigned the landing page and conversion increased 18 times! We reached the following lead flow: 5 – 7 leads per day with the CPL being 200 RUB.


1. We collected 350 hot keywords.

2. We started a campaign on Search.

3. We monitored keywords every day and removed those ones, that didn’t bring sales.

4. This campaign showed good results: 20% conversion, even with a low CTR.


1. We used keywords, collected for Yandex.Direct.

2. We divided keywords into sense-groups.

3. In the advertising text we made an emphasis that services were expensive and the company delivered only specific group of products (client preferences).

Landing page redesign

Prior to landing page redesign conversion was lower than 1%. Old-fashioned design, low usability, inconvenient lead form. So at first we created a beautiful landing page. You may see it on the right.
Results: we increased conversion 18 times! CPL - 200 RUB.
The guys did a great work! Frankly speaking, I lost hope that we would promote the website, but with the help of guys from krichet.com we did it!!