New e-shop of elite cosmetics.

Purpose: to promote the e-shop and provide for a constant sales flow.

Tools: Yandex.Direct contextual advertising, Adwords.

Budget: 30,000 RUB per month.

Results: we reached a 2% conversion.

Adwords + Yandex.Direct

1. We collected 500+ keywords.

2. We developed a campaign for each group of products.

3. Within the first month with the help of WebVisor we found bugs, that had a negative influence on conversion.

4. We worked at the rise of CTR and optimization of cost per click.

5. We regularly updated a base of negative keywords via Yandex.Metrica.
Results: 2% conversion for 1 month of work. We found and fixed bugs on the website, which prevented users from placing orders.
Our testing work showed good results. Unfortunately we stopped our cooperation because the market for our product brands proved too small for contextual advertising.