New medium-sized e-shop of accessories for mobile phones. Sales had been 0 before we started our cooperation.

Purpose: to get 2-3 sales per day.

Tools: Yandex.Direct contextual advertising.

Budget: 35,000 RUB per month.

Results: the first month showed 1% conversion, the second – 3%, 2-3 sales per day. Some keywords give 100% conversion!

Yandex.Direct – Search + Yandex Advertising Network

1. We collected about 1000 target keywords.

2. We developed an individual campaign for each group of products on Search and Yandex Advertising Network.

3. We monitored keywords every day and removed those ones, that didn’t bring sales.

4. We fought for advantageous positions of our ads with our competitors, raising our CTR.

5. We constantly optimized bids for every keyword.

Yandex.Direct – retargeting

We conducted an interesting experiment. We retargeted at users, who added items to a cart, but didn’t buy them.

Vkontakte targeting

Results: we reached the goals!
After the experience of working with promotion department specialists of web studios and freelancers I noticed that they differed a lot from the KRICHET guys. These guys know how to make effective and adequate contextual advertising. And they are interested in building a sales funnel, constantly analyzing everything.