The client forbade disclosure of the site. We dare say this company is a flagman on the education market in Europe. The company is among the TOP 3 most reliable and recognised companies

Purpose: to get a firm flow of 30-35 leads per day.

Tools: Adwords and Yandex.Direct contextual advertising, Teaser Networks, ВКонтакте, Facebook, Фотострана etc.

Budget: up to $13,000 per month.

Results: we reached and kept the level of 30-35 leads per day with the CPL being $5,00 – 7,00.


The most effective and the cheapest source in 2013 – early 2014. Average CPL – $4.50.


We started to actively use it just in 2014, as Adwords traffic went up.

Due to a daily monitoring and introducing some changes into titles and text bodies of ads to raise CTR we reached the necessary CPL – $5.50.

Target on Vkontakte

Our own goal was the presence on ВКонтакте and gaining of clients from competitors’ groups.

Unfortunately we failed to get a high CTR because of strict requirements of the client to the text and the requirement to use only specific word expressions to maintain a good image of the company.

Target on Facebook

We had little traffic on Facebook, so we bought all available traffic in the area!

Teaser Network – Adlabs

Adlabs showed good results with the CPL being 2 times lower, than with previous resources, but the client didn’t want to continue using Teaser Network for his ads on his personal considerations. We failed to make him change his mind.
Results: After first 2 months we reduced advertising budget by 15% and increased the number of leads by 20%. We had 40-50 leads per day instead of 30-35. The plan was overfulfilled!
We had had quite low figures before we started working with KRICHET. Now we are provided with a constant lead flow. I recommend this agency!