Foreign market-oriented toolbar. This program helps users find discounts and coupons in e-shops.

Purpose: to buy 1000 testing installations and check the frequency of using the toolbar by users.

Tools: foreign CPA platforms.

Budget: $1000

Results: we helped develop a landing page and 500 non-incentive and 500 incentive installations.

Landing page development

By joint efforts we developed a beautiful landing page with a worthy conversion.

СРА platforms

We bought traffic from IronOffers and DiabloMedia. Both platforms are our old partners. That’s why everyone is happy CPL for a non-incentive installation is up to $1.50, for an incentive one – $1.00.
Results: we bought 1000 application installations. GEO - USA. As far as we know even these 1000 installations succeeded in covering expenses for toolbar :)
They completed a small test quite fast. Delays were just because of paperwork and some technical problems with setting of CPA platforms. We would like to continue working with KRICHET in the future!