Information portal, dedicated to a healthy way of life and personality development. One of our first clients in 2009.

Purpose: to increase the site traffic up to 1000 visitors per day.

Tools: forums, theme-based websites, SEO, SMM.

Budget: $500 per month

Results: we have worked on the project for over a year and provided for a constant inflow of visitors from Search Engines. Up to 1000 per day.

Content writing.

We have written 245 articles, adjusted for SEO.


We have worked at 100+ forums. We created accounts and placed messages with backlinks for site pages.

Social Networks

We worked mainly on ВКонтакте, as this website showed good results on this topic. We placed our articles with a link for website in theme-based groups

Question-and-Answer Services

We collected TOP 5 services and created accounts. Then we created discussion threads and motivated users to share the website link.


We performed a basic internal site optimization: texts, interlinking, robot.txt etc.
Results: 1000 unique users from Search Engines per day!
I met one of the KRICHET specialists in a gym. We chatted a lot and it turned out that he and his team were beginners at site promotion and I decided to try to work with them. To tell the truth, result was not immediate, but in 3-4 months of efforts we started getting clients from Search Engines!