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Don't you want to learn details of advertising and need only purchases?
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Do you want to know that your campaigns are always under controll?
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We're hard-nosed and do our best to give you a good result!

Why is conextual advertising so good?

  • Campaigns can be lauchded within 1-2 days. Only targeted customers will see your ads.
  • Flexible targeting: time, days, location, gender, age, interests, keywords, websites and so on.....
  • You pay only for users who visited your website!
  • You can run campaigns even with small budgets.
  • Your ads will be displayed only on relevent keywords.

A few words about our Team

We are not a huge bureaucratic machine with a big staff and numerous directors. We
are a small and creative community who can't live without their job, slogans,
ads and constant self-education.

google partner

Our Team

Max Vlasoff
Artem Ivanoff
Artem practices all up-to-date channels of traffic
Vladimir Kapustinskiy
Project Manager
Dasha Vlasova
Alexander Firsov
Lizaveta Kosareva
Front-end developer
Sergey Ponomarenko
Web designer
Oksana Mirgorodskaya
Kydelya Sergey
Sales Manager
Sales Manager is wanted
The vacancy is open

We work for result!

Advertising is a powerful tool for your business

Own strategies

Effective methods proven in practice.

Experience in 20+ areas

That's why we know how to make your campaigns effective.

We work with statistics

We rely only on reports. No monkey methods!

We reduce CPC by 50%!

No idle talk. Only facts.


We use all features: search, display network, remarketing.

Daily optimization

Every keyword and penny is under controll!

We attract only targeted audience

We remove irrelevant keywords and attract only customers.

Weekly reports

You get a weekly report every Friday.

We promote products and services on the Internet

Web sites, on-line shops, mobiles apps and more...

Contextual advertising is a powerful tool that can give you great results within a short period of time. Every platform of contextual advertising has its pros and cons and we know how to use them.

Our Skills

google adwords
RTB systems
Landing Pages
Conversion optimization
Media planning

Feedback from our customers

A few recent reviews from grateful customers

We work worldwide

Dubai • Ireland • Thailand • Oberlin • Prague • London • New York • Ottawa • Moscow • St. Petersburg • Ekaterinburg • Krasnodar • Krasnoyarsk • Syktyvkar • Kharkov • Kiev.

How do we work?

Setting goals

Firstly, we need to understand your goals. Do you need purchases, registrations, calls or just targeted traffic who visit ceratin pages.

Analyzing market and competitors

We go into details and learn your niche. We pick your competitors to pieces and start understanding your business better.

Media planning

We start creating a detailed media plan: sources of traffic, estimate CPC, conversion rate, recommendation for your website/ landing page (if required)

Discussing our offer

We discuss details of our offer with you, take into account your comments.

IO + Prepayment

We discuss details of payments and sign IO. We receive our prepayment.


We go down to business, create a step-by-step plan and start working according to the plan.


We're finishing with ads, setting final options, daily limits, checking options and launching campaigns.

First results

We get and analyze first results, optimize campagins. We remove all bad sources of traffic (websites, keywords and everything that give us bad results)

Getting our fee in full

No comments...

Continue :)

We correct goals and continue our successful partnership.

Our additional services

Analysis (FOR FREE)

We're ready to analyze your current campaigns for free. We will find strong and weak points and create a step-by-step plan how to increase results.

Campaign optimization

Do you already have active campaigns? We're ready to help you and offer the following:

  • analyze your campaigns
  • learn your niche
  • estimate your campaigns according to different figures: traffic sources, days, keywords, websites, groups and texts of the ads
  • create a detailed plan how imcrease results and send it to you for reviewing
Landing page optimization
  • find a unique selling proposal
  • display info logically and clearly for users
  • finish design and technical part quickly and in time
  • create a landing page that will work for you effectively

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