We can solve your problems

It's difficult to find reliable developers
You've tried freelancers and agencies
but didn't find the proper contractors
Developers always disappear and fail
Failed deadlines. Bad communication with
developers. You spend much time to finally
get in touch with them and get updates
Tired of micro-management
No time to get into details of web development
and digital marketing
Want one team to cover all your needs
You're sick of working with dozens of
freelancers and endless negotiations
It's expensive to have IT specialists in
Developers, marketers, traffic and smm
managers, copywriters are expensive
No results and not clear whose fault it is
Developers blame on marketers and marketers
say that the website doesn't convert traffic
properly. And you don't know where the truth is.
You need digital marketing but don't
know how to start
You understand that you can get clients from
Internet but don't know who can help.
Can't reach understanding with
You're not getting expected results!
The contractors can't meet your needs

What we can offer

We cover all your digital marketing needs!

There is no need to get into details and micro-tasks. Weekly reports will be
enough to understand and control situation.

Web development
Онлайн маркетинг
  • Management of your IT team
  • Support of your website/ server/ online
    advertising etc.
  • Any other micro-tasks

This service is for

medium and large business

  • You need IT specialists but don't want or don't have ability to form a team
  • You want a single team to support your website, online advertising and other related tasks
It's more profitable to work with us
than collect an own team from scratch

A few words about our Team

We are not a huge bureaucratic machine with a big staff and numerous directors. We
are a small and creative community who can't live without their job, slogans,
ads and constant self-education.

google partner

Our Team

Max Vlasoff
Artem Ivanoff
Artem practices all up-to-date channels of traffic
Vladimir Kapustinskiy
Project Manager
Dasha Vlasova
Alexander Firsov
Lizaveta Kosareva
Front-end developer
Sergey Ponomarenko
Web designer
Oksana Mirgorodskaya
Kydelya Sergey
Sales Manager
Sales Manager is wanted
The vacancy is open

We work for results!

Our expertise is a powerful tool for your business

Focused on result
We're interested not only in the process
but positive result too
Experience in 20+ areas
Exactly that's why we work effectively
Weekly reports
We send you reports about completed
tasks every Friday
Talanted team
Every team member is a fan of his work and
that's the basis of quality
Quick customer support
You won't need to call us 10 times to get an answer
on your question. We always respond quickly!
Honest with clients
We always share all info with clients. Transparency
is our credo!

Our latest case

Anton Elizarov
Anton Elizarov contacted us
  • Take control of the whole digital marketing
  • Rebuild the old version of the site to increase conversion rate
  • Set up online ads to bring leads
  • Take under control management tasks: set up and check KPI,
    budget control, website support, micro-tasks related to
    achievment of the goals
Initial data
  • Conversion rate: 0,5%
  • 20 leads/ month to buy properties
  • 1200 leads/ month for short rental
  • Create a beautiful package: website,
    presentation, creatives
  • Set up a source of traffic to get
    300 leads/ month
  • Double leads for short rental:
    2400 leads/ month
Set up
goals and tasks
  • Website RiGroup
  • Website MyRent
  • Presentation
  • Extra landing page
  • Google Adwords, Y.Direct
  • Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte,
  • Google Analytics, Y.Metrica
  • SMM
  • Created a channel with video tours
Set up
and corrected
  • Target audience
  • Ads
  • Keywords
  • Targeting options
  • Updated the websites
  • Updated goals
Purchase of real estate in Dubai
leads/ month
Website conversion
Short rental
leads/ month
Conversion rate
Company turnover grew up
From $8 to $16 millions per year
Want the same result?

We work worldwide

Dubai • Ireland • Thailand • Oberlin • Prague • London • New York • Ottawa • Moscow • St. Petersburg • Ekaterinburg • Krasnodar • Krasnoyarsk • Syktyvkar • Kharkov • Kiev.

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